Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY

Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY Food Processor Review

Want a food processor with some serious capacity? The Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY  may just be it. This 9-cup model from the reliable Cuisinart brand is also one of the best the company has produced. It hits all the rights notes and makes food processing a pleasure. Let’s take a closer look. 


Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY

Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY  Overview

First, if you have a big bowl you need a big motor to move everything around, and the Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY  food processor has plenty of power to burn.

A suitable large opening to the work bowl means you can spend less time prepping food for processing and just get them into the machine and get them done that much faster.


The machine is whisper quiet, so if sneaking off to make a midnight snack is your thing, you can do so without waking the house. Mincing herbs, chopping meats and shredding vegetables like carrots are all tasks that the CFP-9GMPCY  handles with ease. You can even try your hand at making fruit smoothies, as we found the machine to do an acceptable job of this as well.

Cleaning is always an important consideration. As usual with food processors, cleaning by hand is a bit of a pain as there are so many nooks and crannies where bits of food can get stuck. With a dishwasher cleaning the key parts of this appliance is not a problem.

Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY  Consumer Verdict:

Consumers love it, and customer reviews the Cuisinart  4 and 5 star reviews. That’s impressive.If you’re looking for a solid, powerful 9 cup food processor, this is well worth a look. The motor is suitably powerful, the range of food items that the machine can handle is impressive and the Cuisinart CFP-9GMPCY is just a joy to use.

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