Ninja BL770

How to use Ninja food processor

Hi guys today I’m reviewing the ninja mega kitchen system the Ninja. Has a 1500 watt or two horsepower motor comes with a 72 ounce pitcher. 64 ounce bowl for the food processor and two single serve cups they hold 16 ounces each. There are two lids for the cups there is a six blade assembly for the pitcher a four blade assembly for the food processor and a dough blade for the food processor. The single serve blade goes with the two cups. The mega kitchen system also comes with an instruction manual. А Quick Start Guide and inspiration guide with some recipes it also comes with, a larger book with recipes for soups sides entrees and smoothies.


Ninja BL770


There’s a section lever lock that secures the suction feet to the counter. This keeps the base from jumping around on the counter when you’re using it to use. The picture place it on the base with the handle just to the right of the lock turn clockwise. You hear that click you know the picture is locked into the base place the six blade assembly in the center place the cover on top matching the arrow on the cover to the arrow on the handle. Push the handle down that click means the lid is locked to remove. The lid press the release button and pull the lid straight up there is also a pour spout on the lid.


Ninja food processor


There are three different speeds one fordough two for blending and three for crushing. There’s also the single serve button when you’re using the single serve cup there’s a power button and a pulse button be very careful as the blades are really sharp. I’ll test the ninja by using the picture the food processor. Bowl and the single serve cups first we’ll crush some ice. I have ice from two regular ice cube trays that I had in my freezer. Then lock it turn the power button on and it should
be solid red if it’s flashing that means something is wrong and you won’t be able to run the machine. I’m going to use the crush button as you can see in a few seconds the ice has been turned to snow.



Next I’ll blend vegetables in the pitcher you cover the blender block it turn the power on always pulse a few times get. The ingredients going first always remove the blade first there’s our nutrient-rich vegetable juice. You can make it as thick or thin as you want by adding more ice or water. I’ll taste it it’s really tasty and all the vegetables are broken down. A dash of hot sauce adds good flavor to the juice. Next I’ll make mango sorbet with the food processor. The food processor attaches to the base the same you put the handle to the right of the lock and turn it clockwise. That click means the food processors attached to the base. I’ll be using the 4 blade assembly. I’m going to add 2 cups of frozen mango chunks a squeeze of lime juice and a little bit of sugar. Mash the arrow on the lid to the arrow on the handle press down and lock the lid.



I’m going to add a little bit of water so after two minutes we have yummy mango sorbet mmm it’s so good. You ou can see it’s really creamy and it looks exactly like mango sorbet. I only add a little bit of water that’s why this is nice and thick. You do have to scrape down the bowl so everything gets incorporated nicely.Tthis is probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever made in a food processor. Next I’ll make pie dough using the food processor and the dough blade. I’ve attached the food processor and insert my dough blade just go straight down. I’m using one of the quarter cups of all purpose flour and just a quarter teaspoon of salt and one stick of butter. That I’ve cut up into small cubes make sure your butter is very cold this is exactly how I would make the dough in any blue processor. Put the lid on we’ll pulse a few times and use the dough speed.



After a few pulses I’m ready to pour in my water. I’ll be using about 1/4 cup of water as you can see the dough came together nicely in under a minute. Next we’ll make a banana chocolate smoothie using the single serve cup in the cup I’m going to put in about a tablespoon of almonds and a tablespoon of chocolate chips I’m going to put in 1 medium banana and about 1/2 a cup of milk. Put the blade on the cup match the tabs into the slots turn it to lock. I’ll use a single serve buttonunlock the cup taste it it’s really smooth and creamy. You can taste a little bit of chocolate and almonds that are not completely smooth the pitcher bowl and single serve cup are bpa-free. The ninja mega kitchen system is aptly named it comes with lots of different items and they will take a lot of space on your counter with. The mega kitchen system you get a blender or food processor and the single serve cup since the food processor does not come with any attachments for slicing and shredding. You can use it just for chopping vegetables and making dough not for slicing and shredding vegetables. I like the speed and efficiency of the ninja it’s also very easy to clean you can clean all the parts with warm soapy water or on the top rack of your dishwasher both. The pitcher and the food processor Bowl are square bottoms so it’s very easy to clean. The ninja mega kitchen system will take care of pretty much all your blending and food processing needs. It’s 2 horsepower so it’s very powerful its efficient and easy to clean. For less than $150 it’s a pretty good value.

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